Yogurt for Rover? Oh Yes!

April 26th, 2012

Being a dietitian makes me think about the health status of my family – my whole family, including our adorable and spunky miniature schnauzer, Nigel.  In the break room one day, I was talking to a fellow employee about Nigel and how he has been “snubbing” his dog food lately because he thinks he should be getting human food instead (which my husband has been slipping to him when I’m not looking). My coworker suggested mixing a little bit of plain yogurt in with his dog food to make it more tasty. So I decided to do a little research about feeding yogurt to dogs, and this is what I found:

  • Plain yogurt is beneficial to a dog’s digestive tract because of the live and active cultures found in it (those healthy probiotics)
  • Dogs love yogurt
  • Yogurt can help decrease discoloration in a dog’s beard (Nigel has an impressive beard that has developed some red/brown discoloration, which is very common in schnauzers)
  • Only use PLAIN yogurt (not flavored  yogurt or yogurt with artificial sweeteners) that has live and active cultures
  • A tablespoon or two a day is the recommended daily allotment

So I bought some plain yogurt at Hy-Vee yesterday and mixed it in with Nigel’s dog food. The result: Nigel happily ate all his food and licked his bowl clean. As far as the beard discoloration, only time will tell.

Here’s our dear Nigel doing one of his favorite past times!

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